Notice of Bylaw Passing

TAKE NOTICE THAT on Monday, June 7, 2021, the Council of the Town of Grimsby passed by-law 21-38 pursuant to Section 222 of the Municipal Act, 2001, with respect to the re-division of ward boundaries. The purpose of this by-law is to re-align the wards according to the continuous population growth.

Under subsection 222(4) of the Municipal Act, 2001, any person or agency may appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) if they have any objection to the by-law passed by the municipality.

Appeals must be filed with the Town Clerk, 160 Livingston Avenue, Grimsby, ON, L3M 4G3. The Appellant or Applicant must set out the objections to the by-law and the reasons in support of the objections along with a cheque or money order in the amount of $1,100.00 made payable to the Minister of Finance. The appeal form (Appellant Form A1) is available online through LPAT’s website. (Appellant/Applicant Forms - Tribunals Ontario - Environment & Land Division ( Appeals must be filed within 45 days of the by-law being passed. The last day for filing an appeal is July 22, 2021.

The personal information accompanying your submission is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, and can form part of the public record which may be released to the public.

For more information on the Ward Boundary review and the new ward boundaries can be found on

Further information can be made available by contacting the Clerk’s department at (905) 945-9637.

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