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Beautiful Memories of Grimsby Ontario , 100th Anniversary, 2022

I celebrated my Graduation in 1997 at Grimsby Secondary as a student returning to school after many years. We were so fortunate to have had forward thinking school teachers and staff who encouraged us to reach out and live our lives to the fullest. I became involved in the community of Grimsby through work at the local community TV channel, Cogeco, Cable 14, and a whole new world opened up to me. I began to report on local and Niagara events, and became more and more engaged in local community organizations such as the Grimsby Lincoln Optimist club, acting with the Peninsula Players, working with the Cemetary tours in Grimsby and in Niagara as a period character for the Cemetery tours hosted by the Grimsby Museum. I covered the Forkes Road Pottery, Artist in the Garden tours, Wayzgoose at the local library, local events at the historic Puddicombe farms; danced with the Scottish classes at the Seniors Centre, and met so many kind and caring, community minded people in this wonderful town along the Niagara escarpment. I owe a debt of gratitude, to those visionaries who encouraged me to expand my horizons. My mind goes back often to that beautiful little historical gem along the shores of Lake Ontario! The history of the town and area is fascinating as it was the hub of Canada's first government Town Hall, I will always remember ringing the old town bell on New Year's Eve with my little grandchildren. Happy Centennial Year Grimsby! I will always carry loving memories of you in my heart!

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