Construction Progress Update

We are thrilled to share a promising update on our ongoing construction project! The team's unwavering commitment stands as a driving force, ensuring adherence to the established schedule while upholding the highest quality standards. The collaborative effort among key stakeholders proves highly effective, yielding tangible and gratifying results.

Challenges emerged in the park's eastern section, primarily due to inclement weather and the essential on-site servicing reviews. Nonetheless, the team's resilience and determination shine brightly. In the face of these hurdles, substantial progress has been achieved in rough grading of the proposed pathways, and critical components like armour stones and slopes are taking shape. The current focus is advancing on-site servicing, with the promising initiation of armour stone installation.

Within the heart of the park's central area, remarkable milestones have materialized since the last update. Notably, concrete pads for benches, waste receptacles, and bike racks have been installed. These milestones mark a significant leap forward in the project's execution. The drone image below, courtesy of Seferian Design Group, showcases the concrete pads in place to offer a visual glimpse of the progress.

With these impressive achievements and sustained efforts, the construction project remains firmly on a positive trajectory. The project's success underscores the unwavering determination to transform this vision into a vibrant park that will enrich the lives of the community. We invite you to stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work diligently to bring this vision to life.

Ariel photograph from lake capturing Grimsby on the Lake but focusing on the Casa Park central beach area's recent construction.Drone image of the progress made in the park's central area provided by Seferian Design Group

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